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Eternal : endlessly, last forever

even that means we should against the world's rule, I won't let you go

♥ ミズノ ヒヵル ♥
29 July 1989
External Services:
  • mizuno_hikaru@livejournal.com

You have found mizuno_hikaru's journal!

This journal is KAT-TUN centric.
Means she post her fanfictions, fanart, and fangirling entry here ^^
Feel free to add her as a friend.
Because she is happy to have many friends to share the joy of fandom~!

♥ Her Fandom Mode ♥

Her favourite member of KAT-TUN is the 'A' a.k.a Akanishi Jin.
Her favourite pair is Akame, followed with Ryoda.
She wrote many fanfics about her OTPs, so check them out!
Lately, she was also into wallpaper maker's mode, so check out the wallies she made.

♥ More of Her ♥

She took Design as her major.
She is the melancholy sanguinis type.
Basically, she is a nice person. She never bites, except she must to.
Apparently, she is loyal, a good listener, cry-baby, angst-whore, and cute stuff-squealer.
She suspects herself for being M since she loves to read or watch heart-wrenching mangas/novels/movies just to make herself cry in purpose, but she denied it since she wasn't into S&M.

Want to know her better ?

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