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21 March 2008 @ 02:21 pm
Charades* +part 8+  

Charades* +part 8+

Fanfic by Mizuno

Rating about NC-17… for incest part and smutt between them ^^; *actually eva nee told me this is NC-21, but I insisted for NC-17 since I was only 18 LOL*



(*cha·rades [noun] guessing game: a game in which somebody provides a visual or acted clue for a word or phrase, often the title of a book, play, or movie, for others to guess)


yoo minna~ *waves waves* first let me check… how many people wanna to kill me coz of the previous chap…? *itung2 jari pke gaya bego* and how many wanna to thow me to the sea? *itung2 lagi* and how many wanna squeeze me till death…? *itung2 lagi* hohohohoho… kyknya klo dijumlah banyak deh… terutama gara2 tokoh mizuno banyak bgt melanglang buana di sana sini LOL~ en karena me nge-cut adegan smutt di prev chap? Wkwkwkwkwkw~ but here is the chap 8!  And here is the smutt scene u all demand!!! Tuhan ampuni dosa2kuw…. >0< Well pardon my bad English and just enjoy this fic… I hope u all love it… I will wait for the comments… ^^





Aku tidak mau memikirkan apa pun selain dirimu saat ini…

Jin merengkuh tubuh ramping Kame, menariknya dalam pelukannya dan membisikkan namanya berulang kali di telinga pemuda itu dengan lembut. Seperti terperangkap oleh mantra, Kame merasakan matanya berkabut, menatap semuanya seperti kaleidoskop yang terus berputar – putar.


“ Kazuya… “

Jin menelusuri wajah Kame, mengecupnya dengan lembut. Jemarinya menyentuh tubuh kekasihnya dengan sentuhan sehalus sayap kupu – kupu. Kulit mereka saling bersentuhan, menimbulkan sensasi meledak – ledak dalam diri mereka.


“ Kazuya… “

Dengan suara serak dan dalam, Jin terus membisikkan namanya tanpa henti. Nafasnya yang hangat memberikan sentuhan palsu, menjadi siksaan yang manis. Tiap gerakan dan sentuhan Jin menyatakan hasrat dan keraguan untuk mendekat sekaligus. Kame merasa dirinya diperlakukan seperti porselen Dresden yang rapuh, dengan kecupan ringan dan sentuhan halus, terasa seperti pintalan jaring laba – laba yang menjebak pelan tapi pasti.


He carved for more. Mengulurkan lengannya, dia menarik tubuh Jin mendekat, membiarkan pemuda yang lebih tua itu melepaskan piyamanya. Dengan perlahan, dengan tempo teratur seperti ketukan nada – nada lagu, Jin mengecupi wajahnya, pipinya, bibirnya, turun ke garis rahangnya dan berakhir pada lehernya. Kame melingkarkan lengannya di leher Jin, melengkungkan tubuhnya secara naluriah ketika aliran darah yang filled with jolts of pleasure drunken his mind and take over his body’s consciousness.


Their breath are heavy, rushed in frantic way. There’s a mist of lust covering each of their eyes, showed clearly without a single word needed to spoke out. Kame felt his brain is blank, filled with unconsciousness…but yet sentiently realized everything they did. For a moment, all is seen as a bright white bliss; with escaping moans, hearty low voice keeps saying his name, chaste nipping kiss, warmth and slight touches that keep caress him; filled his heart and soul with heavenly happiness.


Jin tugged away all the annoying fabrics from their body, charmed with the angelic beauty lied in front of him. Those silky smooth skin tempting him to leave marks there, which won’t vanish until several days later. His perfect tanned body pressed the latter’s as they making out more and more. An audible moan escapes from the yonger’s lips every time the latter touchs him in seductive ways.


The soft luscious plump lips pressed the younger’s one, licked the upper lips in slight touch before sucked the lower lips vigorously. Their tongue meets, tasting each other sweet tasted salivas. Kame returned the deep kiss with all of his heart, happiness burst in his heart, as he felt a shower of love is leaping up just for him.


“ Khhhh… Jiiinnn… “ Kame thew his head back, his back arched as the latter toying with his nipple. The older man smirked and did the same thing to the twin, made some circles along the younger’s neck, collarbone, down to his torso and abdomen… A high pitched moan released from the latter’s luscious lips, his fingers grab the older’s shoulders hard. Jolts of pleasure jolted inside him, in every single touch. He gasped as Jin’s palm found his hard member and start to pump it with steady pace.


More high pitched moans echoed in the room, higher and higher as the taller man move his head down and licked the yonger’s tip before engulfed all the harden length into the moist warmth. The emptiness in his brain contrasted with his body consciousness; he can’t think, just feel.


A wave of heavenly bliss strucked him as he came in the latter’s mouth, who swallowed it all without a single drop. Jin licked his luscious lips in teasing manner before caress the latter and whispered, “ It’s my turn now “

Kame blushed, his brighten skin glimpsed a shade of pink.


I didn’t want to think about anything except YOU in this moment…

…just YOU.


“ Aaaaahhhh…. Jiiinnn…! “ Another moan escaped as he shivered, felt the latter’s finger pokes his sacred entry. Jin has coated his fingers with lube, gave a cold-hot sensation everytime he moves his finger in and out. Kame yanked Jin’s shoulder as his mind is hazed with mixed feelings.

“ …Ji…Jin… “

“ You are so tight… “ Jin caressed him, rubbed the latter’s body in passionate ways, “ Try to relax… “

Jin manages to distract the discomfort by keep caressing the younger, slid his tongue on his lips, asking for entrance. Kame followed and parted his lips, meeting the latter's strong wet tongue. The sweet taste is savoured endlessly. He moaned incoherently as the tongue swirled around his and tickled the roof of his mouth. He was in deep pleasure just by kissing and deep-tongueing and luckily, this made him un-notified of  the fingers that repeatedly slid in and out his throbbing entrance. An alien sensation slided into his sacred entry gave the younger a slight of discomfort, but it was forgotten as he got used to it and the pleasure keeps hitting him. Jin inserted another finger, while his licked the latter’s earlobe. Kame hugged the older boys tighter, felt their hearts tangled to each other as their body pressed to each other.


Kame hold Jin’s shoulders tight as the third finger joined. His breath became more frantic, moans echoed and he can’t just stop himself. And suddenly he squeaked, his body is jolted with unidentified sensation. His face is blushed with deep red shade, heavy eyelids, and more incoherent moans escaped from his swollen luscious lips. He gripped the other's arms and continously repeated moaning and groaning loudly.


“ Aaaah… There… Ah ! “

Jin continued to thrust his fingers, hitting the latter’s sweet spot, made the younger squeals when he made the scissors movement. Hectic breath sounded like a never ending song. When Jin pulled out his fingers, a sudden emptiness crashed him. But yet, before he protested or said something, the pleasure hitting him back, double times as Jin’s throbbing member slides into him slowly.


“ Jinnn… “

“ Tell me when it was too much for you. I didn’t want to be harsh since this is our first “ Jin nipped the latter’s neck and embraced him gently. An audible gasped echoed as their body joined into one. Kame bit his lips to endure the new sensation, “ Kkhh… Jin, it’s… too… aaaaahhhh… slow down… I can’t… “

The latter slowed his pace and keep caressing him. When the slow pace started to torture him, Kame demanded more. “ Aaahhh… faster… faster… Aaahhh !! “


The older man groaned in satisfied tone as he moved his hips in steady pace, thrust deeper and deeper. The heavenly tightness welcomed him, and he can’t help to stop his hisses and moaned. Kame blinked his eyes several times with vociferous yelps as the latter keeps hitting his sweet spot over and over, his vision became blurred with white bliss.


“ Kazuya… “

“ Jin… Khhh… Jin…! “


The pace became faster and faster, almost ruthless; but yet only pleasure-filled gasps and moans echoing the room.

The sound of clashing flesh mixed with hearty heavy breath heard like a symphony. They felt as they were flying, higher and higher into the eternal slumber just for two of them. Orgasm jolted in their body, and both of them collapsed into the bed and hugged each other.


Jin menyibak helaian rambut yang menutupi wajah Kame, menghapus titik – titik keringat di pelipisnya dan dengan lembut mengecup keningnya, “ Ai shiteru… “

Memasang senyum di bibirnya, Kame memandang Jin dengan mata basah, “ Aku juga… Ai shiteru yo… “




Sinar matahari pagi menyusup masuk lewat sela – sela tirai, membiaskan rona keemasan di ruangan bercat biru muda itu. Perlahan, Jin membuka matanya. Kame masih berbaring dalam pelukannya, hangat dan tampak damai. Seulas senyum tipis menghiasi bibir kekasihnya, dan dia tahu kenapa…


You make me feel complete…


“ Wake up, sleepy head “ Jin menepuk lembut pipi Kame, menelusuri kulit lembutnya dengan selintas sentuhan jemarinya. Manik kecoklatan itu perlahan terbuka, tampak mengantuk, tetapi balas menatap Jin dengan senyum. “ Pagi, Jin… “


Jin mengecup ringan kening Kame, “ Morning… Time to wake up. And you MUST go to school today. Not after you absent yesterday “

Kame pout, “ Tapi aku ingin terus bersamamu… “

Jin tersenyum, tetapi memberikan jitakan cepat. “ Ini masa kritis menjelang ujianmu…! Kau harus masuk untuk belajar “

“ Tapi… “

“ Tidak ada tapi – tapian “ Jin menatapnya dengan tegas, “ Aku akan mengantarmu ke sekolah “

“ Hmmm “ Kame memasang wajah poutnya lagi, “ Hanya bila kau berjanji akan menjemputku juga “

“ Aku akan menjemputmu “ Jin mengecup pipi kekasihnya, “ Aku janji “




one message received

open message ?



From    : Jin_sekuC

To        : Little_turtle_Kazu

Subject            : ILU ^^

Text     : miss u already~ even I just say goodbye to you at the school gate 5 minutes ago ^^ Remember to study properly, I didn’t want ur grades to fall. I’ll pick u later after school. I luv u ! Jyaa nee~~~

N.B Gimme a kiss please ?


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Akanishi Jin



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Kamenashi Kazuya



From    : Kamenashi Kazuya

To        : Akanishi Jin

Subject            : Re : ILU ^^

Text     : JIN!! Kapan kau mengutak atik HPku dan mengedit nama2nya?? *pout* but yeah, miss u already too~ that’s why I’ll waiting until u pick me later ^^ ILU too. <333333 *CHU* nah, there’s a kiss for you~




 “ SMS siapa, Kazu ? “ Maru mencoba melongok layar HP Kame, tapi pihak yang bersangkutan langsung menyembunyikan HPnya dengan sikap posesif, “ Hi-mit-su “

“ Hei ! Pelit ! “ Maru masih mencoba merengek, tapi Kame memasang senyum simpul dan mengamankan HPnya ke saku tanpa menoleh lagi pada Maru.

“ Kazuuuuuu… “

“ Shut up and stop nagging “

“ Hidoi !! “




HP berwarna merah tua itu bergetar sejenak, melantunkan nada deringnya yang khas. Jin meraih HPnya dan tersenyum melihat isi SMS yang dikirimkan oleh Kame. Jin memasukkan HPnya kembali ke saku celananya dan meneruskan menyetir mobilnya menuju tempat kerjanya. Seorang klien memintanya untuk bertemu dua jam lagi di café terrace dekat situ, dan dia melaju berputar – putar menikmati pemandangan untuk membunuh waktu.

Ketika dia mengitari belokan, dilihatnya sosok yang sangat dikenalnya sedang berdiri tidak sabar di halte bis dengan wajah kesal. Jin menepikan mobilnya dan menurunkan kaca jendela, “ Mizu ? Masuk ! Kuliah kan ? Ayo kuantar “


Wajah sepupunya itu berubah cerah, “ Jin ? “ Dia langsung membuka pintu dan duduk, meraih sabuk pengaman dan memasangnya sebelum mengipas wajahnya dengan map, “ Syukurlah. Aku sudah panik. Bus yang biasanya datang mengalami masalah, dan aku sudah sangat takut akan terlambat ! Hari ini aku harus ujian dan pengawasnya tidak akan mengijinkanku ikut bila aku terlambat “


Jin tersenyum, mengemudikan mobilnya dengan tenang menuju arah kampus adik sepupunya itu, “ Bagaimana kuliahmu ? “

“ Seperti biasa “ Mizuno tertawa, “ Memangnya ada yang beda ? Kau tahu aku menikmati kuliahku “

“ Sou ka “

“ Daripada itu, bagaimana semalam ? “


Arah mobil langsung oleng. Namun Jin cepat menguasai kemudi, “ Kau ! Kenapa bertanya seperti itu ?! “

Melihat wajah Jin yang memerah, adik sepupunya itu langsung tersenyum lebar, “ Jadi benda yang kubelikan untuk kalian sangat berguna semalam heh ? “

“ Mizu, stop it “

“ Why I must to stop ? I just wanna to know what happen last night… “

“ Mizu ! Stop teasing me !! “

“ I did nothing… “ Mizuno rolled her eyes and keep teasing her cousin in sing-song tone, “ I just asked… “

“ Okay, WE MADE LOVE ! Enough ? “ Jin menunding adik sepupunya, “ OMG ! Why I told you this ? “ Dengan wajah merah padam dia melirik tajam pada sepupunya yang sibuk tertawa – tawa, “ One more teasing and one more nagging, you’ll ended alone on the street “

Mizuno langsung menutup mulutnya, memasang wajah pout, “ Okay, you win “




Bunyi bel terdengar nyaring. Kame langsung meraih tasnya dan memasukkan barang – barangnya ke dalam tas. Maru dan Junno yang telah terlebih dahulu selesai berdiri di dekat Kame, menunggu temannya itu selesai. Maru yang masih penasaran tentang isi SMS tadi merajuk lagi, “ Ne, Kazu… apa isi SMS itu sebenarnya ? “

“ Himitsu “

“ Aku penasaran “

“ Don’t care “

“ Hidoi ! “

“ Just stop nagging “ Kame melihat Maru dengan tatapan ingin mencekik, “ Seharian kau terus mengatakan hal itu. Memangnya ada apa sampai kau begitu ngotot ? “

“ Karena SMS itu membuatmu senyum – senyum sendirian seperti orang bodoh “ Maru bersikeras, “ SENYUM BODOH, SEPANJANG HARI TANPA HENTI “


“ Ba~ka… Lihat wajahmu di cermin kalau tidak percaya “

“ Aku tidak tersenyum “

“ Ba~ka… itu kebohongan terburuk yang pernah kudengar “


Kame yang salah tingkah buru – buru meninggalkan kedua temannya. Maru dan Junno tertawa – tawa menyusulnya,, sampai tiba – tiba mereka menabrak Kame yang berhenti mendadak. Junno yang terantuk paling keras karena terjepit di antara Kame dan Maru spontan memprotes, “ Kazu ! Apa  - apaan… “


Kalimatnya tidak selesai.

Di hadapan mereka, Kamenashi senior berdiri dengan aura gelap. Wajahnya tampak marah, membuat Maru dan Junno salah tingkah. Kame menunduk sekilas, “ Otosan… “

“ Kamenashi Kazuya, aku perlu bicara denganmu “ Nada tegas dan dominan dalam suara ayahnya membuat Kame merasa ciut, “ Hai “



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