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01 May 2009 @ 01:50 am
Charades ~English Version~ chapter 3  
(*cha•rades [noun] guessing game: a game in which somebody provides a visual or acted clue for a word or phrase, often the title of a book, play, or movie, for others to guess)
Author : mizuno_hikaru
Pairing : Akame
Rating : PG15 - NC17 later
Disclaimer : I wished they were mine...
Beta : piperr0919
Summary : Kamenashi Kazuya is a 3rd year student of High School, stressed from the tension of his exam. He met Akanishi Jin, a playboy who ironically genius and alumnus from his school. Kame asked him to teach him, yet he didn't know Jin's real intention...
A/N : this fic is another English translation from my previous non-English fic, with the same title. I wrote them a long time ago, and blame me for all the nonsense XDXD~ Thx u so much for akame_hime for translating the fics for me. ILUSM dear =D so i dedicated this fics of our hard work for you~~

sorry for the slow update~!!!! XDXDXD



“ Okaasan…?”

He entered the dark room. As usual, his pretty mother was sitting by the window, staring blankly to the dark sky. Silvery moonlight fell through the window, creating connected cross patterns on the floor. And his mother, showered by the moonlight, looked as fragile and stunning as she usually was.

“ Okaasan…”

His mother turned her head. Without saying a word, she offered one of her hands, as a silent request for him to come near her. As like the earlier nights, she hugged him while keeping her stare at the night sky. Her eyes were always wet with tears, shining like liquid crystal that rolled off her pale cheeks.

“ Okaasan, daijoubu…?”

He stretched his hand, wiping her tears away. She nodded slowly but he knew that she was lying… Her condition was worsening as days passed. The disease was eating her body without mercy, leaving less and less nights for them to be together…

“Otousan doesn’t want to help us, okaasan?”

He heard the doctor speak once to his mother about a surgery. That she might be able to heal if she took one. Unfortunately, it would still carry a high risk and was very expensive. Her mother shook her head at once. He stayed silent, remembering her expression when they accidentally met his father at the park. She froze with a very pale face, while the man turned away and brought a woman, who was carrying a toddler, and walked away from that park.

He knew that it was his father, because his mother still kept his picture with her. He looked so rich wearing an expensive suit and had a high class style, whilst the woman who was with him looked very much like a rich princess in the movies. That man stole a glance at him before tuning his face again. His mother slid down and cried…

“Do not ever mention anything about your father anymore.” His mother muttered with a shaky voice, “He left us to sell himself to that rich woman’s family.”

He stayed silent after that. His mother tucked the hair from his forehead, “Ne, Jin…promise me one thing.”


“Be a strong, smart boy. Be superior… Make your father sorry for leaving us.”

“ Hai “


“ … ”

“ …n… ”

“ …in…”

“ Jin…? Jin ? “

Jin blinked, waking up from his reverie. In front of him, Kame was staring at him confusedly. “Are you okay? You didn’t reply my calls.”

“I was asleep.” Jin smiled at once.

“He~? You sleep with your eyes open?”

But Jin merely answered Kame’s question with his teasing smirk, “Don’t ask too much.”

Kame squealed when Jin playfully hit his forehead. “Itai !”

“Just shut up and ask what you need to know.”

Kame huffed his cheeks and pouted. Jin couldn’t help smiling upon seeing the childish expression which he thought was too cute. “Stop that pout.” He poked Kame’s cheeks with his finger.

“Yamete yo… Stop treating me like a child.”

“Then stop acting like one.” Jin replied at once, “Which one do you want to ask?”


“You’re that stupid?” Jin pretended to be shocked, “These are standard subjects for the entry test?”

“Yes, but I have never learnt this…!” Kame pointed at the subjects Jin gave him earlier. “Even in the course these subjects wouldn’t be taught till next month.”

“You have to be a step ahead from the others if you want to be successful.” Jin took his pencil and a white paper out, “Actually these subjects are not that complicated…” He wrote down some formulas, “You can solve them with these formulas. See the formulas you usually use? Actually, we can simplify this formula to make it easier… Now, try it.”

While Kame was struggling with those subjects, Jin’s mind wandered. He stared deeply at Kame’s serious face as he was trying to solve the subjects with a pained expression. His eyes darkened, remembering his mother once again.

“Be a strong, smart boy. Be superior… Make your father sorry for leaving us.”

That’s why he had been studying like mad… Until he realized that the lessons had become too easy for him. Until he didn’t have to study anymore to get the highest marks. He got confused once, guessing that his brain might have had an evolution for it was so easy to memorize everything just in one glance. Or was it that his sleeping ability that had been awoken by his hatred…?

Kame’s figure in front of him reminded him of himself in the past. Burdened, distressed, with desperation tied up so tight, sucking like bottomless mud. And about the condition he was not going to reveal…?

To be honest, he never thought about what kind of condition he was about to ask. He was just preparing a ‘blank cheque’ for himself. A blank cheque that he could fill up later with any amount after he knew what he wanted.

Jin grabbed his pillow and climbed into his bed. Their study room was Jin’s apartment room. It was pretty vacant, though a little old. But the rooms were still nice and strong with no meaningful damage but old age of the building. With a rent that was not so expensive, a strategic location that’s only two minutes from the central park, five minutes from the station, and even one minute away from the nearest minimarket.

Jin arranged his apartment in a bachelor style. A little messy, but no trash or dirty laundry scattered around. And if he got lazy to clean them up, he could always call for the apartment house keeper with an hourly payment.

“I’m going to take a nap. Wake me up when you’re done.” Mumbled Jin, with a closed eyes. Before Kame had the chance to say anything, he was already fallen asleep.


Jin opened his eyes slowly. How long have I been sleeping? He stole a glance at the clock, “Hee, two hours. That’s long enough.”

When he got up and rubbed his eyes, he saw that Kame was sleeping as well, using his books as a pillow. His sleeping face looked so peaceful, with a steady breathing.

“He fell asleep…” Jin smiled and approached the younger boy. Slowly, he reached out for Kame’s body, carried him and laid him down on the bed. He took the blanket and covered Kame.

“You’ll catch a cold if you slept that way.” He whispered softly. Not knowing what else to do, Jin sat by the bed, staring at Kame’s sleeping form. The boy looked so young, innocent, fragile and tired.

He tucked Kame’s hair that was covering his eyes. His fingers made contact with the forehead as they trailed to his cheek and down to his jaw line… The milky skin felt as soft as a silk, more like a girl’s skin than most boys.

“ Kazuya…”

Jin mumbled gently. His eyes were glued to Kame’s face before finally settling on the red pouty lips. With a butterfly touch, Jin wiped the lips with his finger. Slowly, Jin bended down and closed his eyes…

Kame woke up. The first think he could think of after seeing the foreign ceiling was, where is this? After his confusion faded away, he gradually remembered everything. Kame swiped at his blanket and rubbed his heavy eyes.

“He? Where’s Jin?”

There’s no one else but him in the room. The books were still on the table, but there was no sign of life in that room. Kame rose up and opened the door, and a mouth-watering smell tickled his nostril. Guided by the delicious smell, Kame stepped into the kitchen.

“Jin?” He called out, but Jin was nowhere to be found. Instead, he found two plates of pasta on the table, still hot and steamy. On the stove, there was a pot filled with pot-au-feu that was emitting a delicious white steam.


Kame literally jumped when someone patted his shoulder. He turned around to find Jin, clad only in a bathrobe, drying his hair with a fluff towel.

“He? Jin…?”

Jin opened the refrigerator and took out a bottle of juice, “What? Can’t I take a shower?”

Kame didn’t say a word. Everything felt so new for him, coming at him like high speed meteors, hitting him again and again whereas he was never fully aware of what was going on.

Kame feels his cheeks redden at the sight of Jin’s collarbones that were teasingly peeking out from his bathrobe. His half wet hair looked appealing with water still dripping occasionally, whilst his body was sending a strong sense of masculine musk.

“You want to stay over?” Jin asked all of a sudden.

Kame, who was stunned to hear it, just blinked in confusion. “He?”

“It’s already 11 pm, so do you want to stay over or not?”

Kame hesitated. Actually, he had no excuse to stay over tonight. He still had school tomorrow. He hasn’t told his mother that he would be coming home late, moreover not come home at all. And his house was not that far from the apartment, only 20 minutes by foot.

But seeing Jin in front of him, looking at him expectantly, Kame gulped hard. He nodded slowly, “I’ll stay…”

-to be continued-

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angela_psycheangela_psyche on May 1st, 2009 04:48 pm (UTC)

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♥ ミズノ ヒヵル ♥: lonely parkmizuno_hikaru on May 1st, 2009 06:07 pm (UTC)
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Na-chanbabe_pig on May 1st, 2009 05:19 pm (UTC)
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So Jin had the past like that??? I wonder how he would revenge his father???
♥ ミズノ ヒヵル ♥: amaicon akame eatmizuno_hikaru on May 1st, 2009 06:14 pm (UTC)
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angela_psycheangela_psyche on May 1st, 2009 05:48 pm (UTC)

yay!!! kame's going to spend the night with jin!!!!

please update soon...

♥ ミズノ ヒヵル ♥mizuno_hikaru on May 1st, 2009 06:15 pm (UTC)
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spread_da_lovespread_da_love on May 1st, 2009 05:48 pm (UTC)
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Now I'm happy that you are update it...

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kirei_shinigamikirei_shinigami on May 2nd, 2009 01:49 am (UTC)

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♥ ミズノ ヒヵル ♥mizuno_hikaru on May 2nd, 2009 02:24 am (UTC)
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Afrinaunknown77_77 on May 2nd, 2009 03:12 am (UTC)
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Chikachika1611 on May 2nd, 2009 11:54 am (UTC)
Wheee~! I've read all of it! I can't wait for the next chapter! XDD

P.S: Acara MS yg tgl 1 Mei kmrn sumpah kocak abis!! Aku ngakak terus!! XDD
risa_turtlerisa_turtle on May 2nd, 2009 12:13 pm (UTC)
Poor little Jin and his mother...I felt sorry for them.

Stay over!!! what will happen? XD
ylhen12ylhen12 on May 3rd, 2009 04:23 pm (UTC)
i missed this!!^^
whoa, jin's past is so dark...and that's why he became like that..
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puffie_hanchanpuffie_hanchan on May 7th, 2009 11:54 am (UTC)
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♥ ミズノ ヒヵル ♥mizuno_hikaru on May 7th, 2009 12:48 pm (UTC)
thank you puffie dear~!!! ^^
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